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Couples Counselling also known as Relationship Counselling

Counselling is not only for individuals, couples can also benefit from it as well.  People who consider couples counselling can be married, single, in a same sex relationship and be with or without children.

With the help of an impartial and non judgemental counsellor, relationship counselling can provide you with the opportunity to talk to each other and explore together what is important to you.  I will give each of you the opportunity to explain, in your own words, what the problem is and help you find a way forward.  The counsellor’s role is to explore and understand what each person is going through as I believe this is the first step to helping you improve your relationship.

Relationship counselling sessions take place each week at a mutually agreeable time in a safe and non judgemental therapeutic setting.    

My hope is that in couples counselling you can have the conversations that you currently can’t have elsewhere.   My aim, as your counsellor, is to help you to understand where the relationship has gone wrong and help you to find a way out of your current situation.  This can only happen if both parties are able to engage in the therapeutic process.  A willingness to engage is essential.

I fully acknowledge that it is usual for couples to consider relationship counselling when in a high state of emotion.  During our initial consultation I will endeavour to ensure that both parties feel heard and understood from the onset.

If you would like to consider making an appointment, please feel free to contact me via my contacts page or if you prefer telephone me on 07585 508160.  Sometimes I will be in sessions with clients when you ring.  If this is the case I encourage you to leave a voicemail message and I will return your call when I can.